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One thing about women all over the world, regardless of nationality, race, education, or religion, is that they wouldn't think twice of grabbing the opportunity to become a beauty queen. Becoming a beauty queen is not a fantasy or an impossible dream, nor it is something intended for bragging rights; it's more of showing oneself the pride of being beautiful. Sadly, the standard set by modern society on how a woman should be crowned or labeled as a beauty icon is visibly bias and one-sided. 


But if you look at India and the story of one woman, you will realize that there actually some people in the world who can defy the norms and set a new standard. The woman is Deepali Phadnis and this is her amazing story.


Deepali always dreamed of becoming Miss India someday. Back when she was still in her teens, she had the perfect makeup of a future beauty titleholder - a slim and petite body, great height, and full of energy. But because her family belonged to the middle class, the priority was always education.


While she didn't stop from dreaming of becoming a beauty queen, her world came tumbling down after an unfortunate incident happened in her life. Back in 2006, Deepali met an accident that seriously threatened her life, but fortunately she only got a ligament injury and bone fractures. As a result of the injuries, she needed bed rest for six months, preventing her from doing anything else. Ultimately, she couldn't force herself to perform her usual physical activities, giving her body the opportunity to grow bigger, which then resulted to gaining more weight in the process. Learn more about Beauty Pageant for Married Woman here. 


Thanks to her family and her special someone, Devadatta Mahapatra, Deepali took it upon herself to get healed and get back on track. She eventually managed to lose all the excess weight in the hope of fulfilling her dream, even though it took her four painful years to do it. However, she no longer could qualify for Miss India because of her decision to marry her longtime partner, Devadatta. Quite surprisingly, even the change of her civil status didn't become a hindrance in fulfilling her dream.


And because her husband was quite supportive of her, she eventually decided that she'd join the Mrs. India pageant instead. She joined the pageant to not just prove to herself that she can do it, but to actually win it. And yes, she did it by winning the Mrs. India International - Chennai title in 2011, and then followed it up with the Mrs. Asia International crown the year after.


With her amazing achievement and the fact that she had to endure so many obstacles along the way, Deepali Phadnis has effectively established herself as a beauty icon in her country. What's even more amazing is that aside from being a beauty icon in India, she also is a prominent figure in raising awareness about diabetes. She is the perfect example of woman empowerment in modern day India. Watch to have more pageant tips.